Anime Rants - Amazing Nurse Nanako Rant by Frozen
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Amazing Nurse Nanako Rant
By: Frozen

In the first two fucking minutes I find problems with this anime everywhere! It starts off with astronauts, businessmen, a priest, and a maid. This sounds like some shit you would say at a bar! WTF does any of this has to do with a nurse! There is no fucking nurse in this anime; isnít it fucking amazing. Wow, thatís like saying straight porn and seeing a gay guy fly out of nowhere! This anime is about a clumsy maid, but how does that connect with a priest, astronauts, and businessmen? Maybe they all fucked her, I donít know? I thought this anime was going to be a nurse that was so amazing she could blow the side of a barn. My hopes were crushed and was given a maid that canít do anything right. At least her boobs are somewhat ok, but thatís besides the point! Later on in the episode she serves like fucking freak shows for doctors. These doctors look homeless! Why would I go to a homeless doctor for help! And how do I pay the doctor through some spare change. This anime is ridiculous; later on in the episode she falls into a huge booger! You heard me, a massive fucking booger! Where did they get this booger, who the fuck knows! Then one of the doctors that looks like the fucking tuxedo man from Sailor Moon jumps in and saved her ass with some light saber that belongs in a retard home! WTF does this have to do with astronauts, a priest, and businessmen! Nothing! They are fucking with my sanity thatís all, and I am trying to piece this shit together! Your fucking crazy if you watched all six episodes! I wonder why they are so little episodes! Maybe because there is no fucking nurse!

Atrocity Meter 3/5 | The maid's tits bouncing around saved it from pure destruction!

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